Best Local Gym Membership

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Finding the best gym membership near you is no easy task. Whether you are new to exercise or an avid marathoner, a great facility with adequate amenities is important. You want something close and affordable, but also a fitness club that has group classes that work best for your schedule and has ample parking.

Best Local Gym Membership

Best Local Gym Membership

Most gyms will offer a free tour of the facility or a free day pass to check it out for yourself. Some clubs will even offer a free week to see if the facility is right for you. But which gym is worth looking for based on your personal fitness needs and budget?

The Fit Spot

The fitness experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute Wellness Lab have evaluated more than 450 fitness clubs and surveyed more than 1,800 real members to get their ongoing feedback. We analyzed more than 39,900 data points, including everything from equipment quality ratings to facility cleanliness. Ultimately, our results showed that convenience and price were the main determining factors in choosing the best gym for you, but other factors such as equipment and cleanliness were also important. Here are the best gym memberships, according to both fitness professionals and actual members:

With over 600 clubs across the United States and Canada, you’re likely to find an LA Fitness in your area. For one membership, you get access to everything, including all clubs nationally. Most LA fitness locations are large, with a variety of equipment and flooring. Group classes include everything from indoor cycling to yoga. Each club is a little different, but you’ll usually find a nice-sized water space with lap pools and hot tubs.

Lab Results: Our strengths, such as spacious design, great selection of group classes, personal training, aquatics area, and basketball and racquetball courts are available at very reasonable member rates. Members also raved about the classes and pools, giving the gym top marks for the size of the facility and noting the ample parking.

Cost: $34.99 per month membership with $99 upfront fee or $44.99 per month membership with $0 upfront fee

The Fit Space Fitness Facility

At an incredibly affordable price, Planet Fitness offers spacious and clean facilities with a wide variety of equipment. Most clubs are open 24 hours and include good quality changing rooms and showers, especially for the price. Their focus on the Judgment Free Zone® is perfect for beginners to feel comfortable while working. Classic membership includes unlimited access to the club, as well as free fitness training and free WiFi. You can upgrade to another membership option called PF Black Card Membership, which adds other benefits such as use of any Planet Fitness facility around the world, the ability to bring guests at any time, and use of tanning beds and massage chairs.

Lab Results: Planet Fitness was the most popular gym membership in our survey, and for good reason. Members liked that the facilities were clean and had plenty of cardio equipment. The gym received top marks for everything from the quality and variety of equipment to the size of the facility and parking. Even the dressing rooms were positively evaluated. “You can do your thing, you don’t have to stress or rush,” said one member. Our fitness facilities include complimentary fitness training facilities called PE@PF, which include sessions led by certified fitness instructors to help you create a personal training plan and familiarize you with the equipment.

Cost: Varies by location, most start at $10/month + setup fee ($49) that varies by region and annual fee ($39)

Best Local Gym Membership

This top-notch fitness club comes with a hefty monthly fee, but offers the best of the best. You’ll also find state-of-the-art equipment and a well-designed strength training area. Equinox Gym has a sleek, sophisticated design and highlights key amenities such as clean fitness studios and an exclusive spa. Specialized personal training as well as individual studio pilates sessions are also available.

Fit And Fab: Our Readers Decide On Bundy’s Favourite Gym

Lab Results: Our fitness professionals love the best-in-class equipment and exceptional selection of group fitness classes with industry-leading instructors. Members also rave about the luxurious amenities and cleanliness. Institutions are constantly cleaned, and clubs have hand sanitizing stations. UV-C light disinfectants are provided to instantly disinfect personal electronics.

This popular gym chain has over 400 locations and is great for all fitness levels. You’ll find a great selection of group fitness classes, great free weights and lifting machines, and plenty of cardio equipment. Personal training is also available, so beginners can get instruction on all kinds of fitness regimens. The facility is also large and spacious. A few select locations, known as Crunch Signature Gyms, charge a fee but offer an enhanced experience with upgraded amenities, even more group fitness classes and other perks.

Lab Results: Crunch is the top choice for our fitness professionals because it offers a little bit of everything. Members love the reasonable cost and wide selection of group fitness classes. Our results revealed top scores across the board, from instructors and trainers to equipment variety and facility size.

Cost: A range of membership options start at $9.95 per month, depending on location. Additional enrollment fees (~$50) and annual fees (~$60) also apply in some locations.

Here’s Where To Rent Fitness Space By The Hour

If you travel a lot, Anytime Fitness is definitely a membership you can take full advantage of, as they have over 4,700 locations and you can work out at gyms across the country and access clubs around the world. Plus, 24/7 hours make it easier to work around your schedule, especially if you’re traveling in a different time zone. You will find decent sized floors and layouts, equipped with various vehicles and more. Many clubs also offer small group training and team workouts.

Lab Results: Our fitness professionals rave about the sheer amount of physical space and access you can use with your membership at any club, making the monthly cost very worthwhile, especially for those who travel. Members gave top marks for cleanliness and noted that the convenient 24/7 hours allowed them to exercise even on busy days. “Very clean facility. Friendly staff who are also knowledgeable about fitness,” said one member.

This high-end mega gym and health club is pricey, but worth every penny for its variety and exclusive features. You will find very spacious facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and a very well laid out gym floor. Other features include pools, tennis courts, saunas, rock walls and more. The club offers three different membership levels, the first being digital only where you can enjoy both live streams and on demand. Individual memberships, which include Standard and Signature, both offer access to club facilities and exclusive group fitness classes, and offer childcare for up to 2.5 hours per day at most locations.

Best Local Gym Membership

Lab results: Our pros love extra-large facilities, with the average club size around 100,000 square feet. Members rave about Life Time, appreciating its cleanliness and specifically targeting different equipment and classes. Many also commented on the family-friendly nature of the brand, with plenty of options and activities for children.

Gym Memberships — The Fit Spot

Cost: Varies widely by location, standard personal membership is around $99 – $249 per month plus joining fee.

Known for its strength training equipment and heavy lifting equipment, you’ll also find plenty of cardio equipment and other great machines at Gold’s Gym. Group fitness classes are available throughout the day and also offer great options. Some locations offer pools as well as racquetball courts, basketball courts, boxing ranges, and more, but amenities vary by location.

Lab Results: Our fitness professionals evaluate a variety of strength training equipment, from free weights to barbells and more. Members note great instructors and friendly staff at a great price.

This boutique fitness studio offers one-hour full-body workouts designed for endurance, strength and power training. Unlike a traditional gym, you can only go during scheduled classes, but follow a pre-programmed workout that is predictable to complete your workout session for the day. Each workout includes a treadmill section, a rowing section, and a floor section with equipment such as dumbbells, benches, TRX suspension trainers, and more. The instructors are engaging and the music is motivating. You can purchase class packages or monthly memberships that vary based on the number of classes per month.

Onelife Fitness Gyms In Va, Md, Dc & Ga

Lab Results: Our fitness experts love that the method uses a heart rate-based interval training system and displays your heart rate in real time on large screens throughout the studio. Members like that the classes keep them motivated and accountable, and that the instructors are “enthusiastic and supportive.” “Exercises allow you to really see your progress and push you to improve each class. This is one

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